Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation’s physiotherapy services are currently offered in Western Australia.

Physiotherapists are university-qualified allied health professionals.

Physiotherapists are experts in the structure of the human body and its movement. They work with people of all ages to treat a broad range of health conditions including musculoskeletal conditions, as well as chronic health conditions. (AHPA)

As first contact practitioners, physiotherapists help individuals get the most out of life. They help individuals recover from injury, reduce pain and stiffness, increase mobility and prevent further injury. Physiotherapists are trained to assess an individual’s condition, diagnose the problem and provide a treatment plan that takes into account lifestyle, activities and general health. (APA)

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Functional capacity evaluations

A comprehensive evaluation to assess an individual’s function with relevance to specific job demands – either for pre-employment purposes or as part of ongoing injury-review and/or return to work management.  Applying standardised tests in combination with astute observation and clinical-acumen, we deliver all-inclusive reporting with summarised key recommendations.

Early intervention programs

In line with the foundational principle that early intervention provides optimised long-term clinical outcomes, we provide customised programs to assist in managing workplace musculoskeletal injuries. Our programs endeavour to minimise the volume and/or duration of potential Workers’ Compensation claims and are heavily-oriented towards early-stage education, self-management promotion and global health awareness.

Workers’ Compensation

Our programs aim to support the earliest safe, appropriate and sustainable return-to-work whilst also educating on self-guidance – promoting self-efficacy as well as durability with outcomes. With an understanding of the workplace and job-demands, our rehabilitation programs are tailored and function-specific; however, also support wholebeing health and work towards self-identified, meaningful goals.

MVA / CTP insurance

The most accepted frameworks for treating injuries post motor vehicle accident indicate that there are three first-line treatments with high-level supporting evidence – reassure and stay active; return to usual activities; and rehabilitation via physical activity. Our programs are thus built on these overarching principles and look to restore our clients to pre-accident capacities and beyond, promoting high-level function and optimising quality-of-life through simple but effective exercise-based, educative programming.

When to refer to a Physiotherapist?

It’s recommended that you refer to a Physiotherapist if you encounter any of the following:


When an individual is reporting acute or subacute symptoms associated with traumatic or atraumatic injury


When symptom-cause is uncertain and diagnostic assessment and initial treatment-management planning is required


When physical impairments, activity limitations and participation-restrictions are developing


When surgery has been undertaken


When current rehabilitation-interventions are not clearly improving clinical markers

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