Therapeutic exercise programmes

for compensable injuries and illnesses

Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation services include Therapeutic Exercise Programmes for Workers Compensation, Life and CTP Insurance Claims. The fundamental aim of our programmes is to achieve empowerment through exercise. We look to support optimised function and facilitate healthy re-engagement in work, as well as everyday and recreational pursuits via bespoke exercise programming and by setting collaborative goals based on meaningful activities. We blend holistic biopsychosocial rehabilitation principles with an understanding and appreciation for recover at work processes. We see the big picture, and understand that rehabilitation should support restored capacities for all aspects of life.

Workers' Compensation

Our programmes aim to support the earliest safe, appropriate and sustainable return-to-work whilst also educating on self-guided exercise – promoting self-efficacy as well as durability with outcomes. With an understanding of the workplace and job-demands, our rehabilitative exercise programmes are tailored and function-specific; however, also support wholebeing health and work towards self-identified, meaningful goals

Worksite Assessments

This is an assessment completed in the workplace – most commonly with the worker and employer present – to assess the duties and physical demands of the worker’s usual role, in order to assist with planning the rehabilitation goal and subsequent graduated Return to Work Program. This assessment is also useful in examining a worker who is on alternative or restricted duties, and it may also include review and recommendations regarding the work environment. A report will then be provided with assessment findings and recommendations. The Worksite Assessment may be completed as part of a Rehabilitation Program, or as a one-off service for a compensable claim

CTP Insurance

The most accepted frameworks for treating injuries post motor vehicle accident indicate that there are three first-line treatments with high-level supporting evidence – reassure and stay active, return to usual activities and rehabilitative via physical activity. Our programmes are thus built on these overarching principles and look to restore our clients to pre-accident capacities and beyond, promoting high-level function and optimizing quality-of-life through simple, but effective exercise-based programming

Life Insurance

Using clinical guidance and expertise, we provide Income Protection policy holders who have had the misfortune of suffering illness or injury with exercise-based, meaningful-activity-specific work-conditioning programmes. In an unassuming manner – driven entirely by personal goals in conjunction with the all-encompassing rehabilitation strategy, our programmes support a return to health first and foremost – and, by result, a return to healthy work