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Our clinicians consult clients across a broad spectrum of injuries and illnesses with significant experience and expertise in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, mental illnesses, cancers and cardiometabolic disorders. We want to listen, to understand your situation, to hear your concerns, and to work together to achieve your meaningful rehabilitation goals. We want to make a difference to your life by empowering you through a high quality, exercise-based rehabilitation program – and to provide you increased control over your healthcare. To make things as easy as possible, we will see you at a location and time convenient to your schedule.

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Our programs embrace the transition from patho-anotomical injury management, with a true application of the biopsychosocial approach and a rehabilitation plan built around uncomplicated physical activity.

Our programs act to complement traditional mental health interventions, such as psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.

A very strong body-of-evidence shows that implementing manageable physical activity routines can reduce the onset, development and/or progression of cardiometabolic disease, through eliciting a myriad of physiological benefits.

Exercise is proven to provide many benefits before, during and following cancer treatment. Latest research shows strongly that people with cancer who engage in structured exercise experience fewer and less severe treatment-related side effects and report improved quality-of-life.

In line with the foundational principle that early intervention provides optimised long-term clinical outcomes, we provide customised programs to assist in managing workplace musculoskeletal injuries.

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