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Our Exercise Physiologists provide Income Protection policy holders who are experiencing illness or injury with exercise-based, meaningful, work-conditioning programs. Our programs are delivered in an unassuming manner and are driven entirely by your personal goals, while also working alongside any other stakeholders engaged in the all-encompassing rehabilitation strategy. Our programs support a return to health first and foremost – and ultimately a return to healthy work, through both the application of our clinical guidance and expertise in a non-clinical setting, and the provision of activity-specific programs.

What to expect:

After your referral has been organised, you will receive a call from one of our local Exercise Physiologists, introducing themselves and scheduling a time to meet for an initial assessment. As our service is completely mobile, we will come to a location that is convenient for you. During the initial assessment, the Exercise Physiologist will work to understand your goals, and discuss what form of exercise program will be most suitable – and enable you to maintain your engagement in the program into the long-term.

What the exercise program itself will look like is dependent on you and your Exercise Physiologist. Some examples of programs we can deliver include:

  • Setting you up with a home-based program utilising either your own equipment, or sourcing equipment for you;
  • Facilitating a gym or pool-based program, and seeking approval for memberships where required;
  • Providing a program within a local park, which could be varied in nature;
  • Re-engaging you with previously enjoyed recreation activities such as bushwalking, tennis, cycling, swimming, surfing – the list is endless.

As one of the foremost providers of Exercise Physiology services in the Life Insurance / Income Protection spheres, our team have an innate understanding of what it means to hold an insurance claim and will work closely with all engaged stakeholders to give you the best service possible.

Our team of Exercise Physiologists each have significant clinical experience across a broad spectrum of injuries and illnesses. Your referral will be triaged to find the best Exercise Physiologist to assist you within your local area. In addition to providing you with best practice exercises, you will also be provided with ongoing education and links to tools included within our Health Portal.

Industry leaders in Allied Health solutions

Conveniently mobile

Our mobile exercise physiology and physiotherapy services are community-based ensuring convenience in programming, and maximised self-efficacy long-term.

Clinical expertise

Industry leaders in clinically-guided, best-practice exercise-based interventions across a broad spectrum of injuries and illnesses.

Outcome focused

Committed and passionate to facilitate the earliest safe, appropriate and sustainable return to work ensuring a cost-effective mobile rehabilitation service.

Personalised and personable

We work closely with our clients and stakeholders to provide a bespoke service that encapsulates humanistic principles and behaviours.

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