COVID-19 precautions

As a community, we are all aware of the concerns surrounding COVID-19. As an organisation and individuals, we are taking a rational, dynamic and considered approach to this situation.

We assure you that the health and welfare of our clients and our staff is paramount above all.

In response to the current environment, we have updated our COVID-19 precautions for in-person services and also greatly expanded our Telehealth services.

In line with the latest governmental and accrediting-body recommendations, we are continuing to offer in-person services across all of our Offices where appropriate, in addition to our greatly expanded Telehealth-services. All circumstances are being appraised on an individual basis dependent on a multitude of factors including location/ particulars of the local environment, client health status, and preference but, with health and safety (of our clinicians and our clients) above all.

Where in-person services may be occurring, an extensive triage and precautionary framework has been developed, deployed unwaveringly and in all instances; this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Robust appraisal of appropriate consultation-venue with necessity for social distancing practices throughout;
  • Client and staff screening for any ill-health, particularly respiratory/ cold-like symptoms and/ or any interaction with COVID-19 confirmed cases and/ or exposure sites and/ or instructed requirement/s to self-isolate for any reason/s;
  • Consideration of personal health and social circumstances and factors;
  • Additional sanitary precautions including personal hygiene/ hand sanitisation, face masks (where appropriate) and considerations for shared exercise-equipment;
  • As advisable – engagement with, and approval from, necessary authorities including Medical Practitioner/s and/ or Insurer; and
  • Unwavering adherence to all Federal and State/Territory legislations and guidelines, as well as those provided by accrediting-bodies.

Throughout this challenging period, we endeavour to achieve continuity with all services irrespective of delivery modality to mitigate any potential impact on our client’s health. Also, we commit to exhausting every means possible of intuition, imagination, and determination to create bespoke, enjoyable, and effective ongoing programs to support our client’s ongoing recoveries.

If COVID-19 is present in your community, please conduct a self-check for common symptoms of COVID-19 prior to any in-person consultations with your allied health clinician by clicking here. Please contact your allied health clinician, as soon as possible, if symptoms are present to confirm whether the consultation should proceed.

We will change and update our approach locally and/ or nationally as the need arises; please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or concerns about how we may adjust our services to suit your needs.

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