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We are fortunate to have exceptional staff at Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation and understand this is the most important aspect of a thriving and positive service. The relationship developed between our team members and clients is critical in ensuring they are well supported through their recovery journey and that they leave us having returned to their fullest recovery possible – and in control of their healthcare into the future. We are dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives with every interaction.

Our Corporate Services and Administration staff excel in the support they provide to ensure our Clinical Staff are able to deliver programmes of excellence.

The Social Club is an active body within our organisation, providing opportunities for the team to relax informally and spend time together. The professional development opportunities on offer at Guardian Exercise allow our staff to connect with experts to develop knowledge in clinical advancements, subject matter expertise and importantly feed their personal career journeys.

We are proud of our team and welcome you to make contact with us to find out more about us and express your interest in joining our group of extraordinary professionals.


Current Vacancies

Here is a list of currently advertised positions at Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation

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Our Values

Do your job

At Guardian this means we do our jobs to the best of our ability with Patients, Customers and Colleagues. We have each others’ back, and trust that others in our team will do the same. We also know that jobs change over time and we embrace that change.

Failure is the mother of success

At Guardian, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, however everyone makes mistakes. We don’t judge people on how they fall, but how they pick themselves up again. As a company we aim to grow and resilience is a key ingredient to this.

Our candles burn at one end

We don’t shy away from effort and hard work. We also know that each and every one of us needs to replenish our physical, mental and spiritual energies. We help each other to burn the candle at one end but also to leave the other free from flame.

The nest is temporary

We encourage supportive independence. We help each other to develop knowledge and skills, however also know that people want to, and need to, stand on their own two feet. We lower the bird from the nest… we don’t push but the nest is not home forever.

Hearts also belong on the sleeve

Vulnerability is an essential ingredient for growth and is expected of all within our team at Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation. Vulnerability allows us to look inward for opportunities to do better and it also opens the door for others to help.

Shoot for the moon

At Guardian we are always trying to be better at what we do. This invigorates us and is great for our patients and clients. Aspiration is a value shared by all at Guardian… it is great to dwell amongst the stars even if we do miss that moon.

Salt of the Earth

Overall at Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation we pride ourselves on being just good citizens. We are humble, authentic, genuine, reliable, trustworthy and straightforward. We look for any opportunity to work with like-minded people.