2022 ALUCA Awards: Winners are Grinners!

Our Winning Program

With the onset of COVID-19 and the challenges it brought – including an inability to provide face to face services and the anticipated increase in mental health conditions – BT, in collaboration with Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation, identified the opportunity to create a bespoke support service: the BT Activate Program.

Recognising a need for specific interventions to assist customers in better managing their psychological symptomology and biopsychosocial functioning, this became the foundation of the BT Activate Program. An intervention co-designed so that customers could access the right support while claiming on their insurance, in turn empowering self-management of their psychological symptoms via a multi-modal, evidence-based, best practice approach. 

With the end goal being to return customers to regular and meaningful activity, other key intentions of the BT Activate Program are to support customers to:

  • Feel more engaged and empowered to manage their general health, wellbeing, and physical activity during the early stages of their mental illness;
  • Promote engagement with relevant wider community supports;
  • Support transfer-ability to those experiencing other injuries or illnesses where psychosocial effect is evident and/or likely.

The BT Activate Program is delivered nationally by Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation via our Telehealth service, GuardianConnect. This ensures that, regardless of the BT Customer’s geographical location, support will always be provided. This proved especially important during 2021, where national government COVID-19 restrictions influenced the accessibility of these important services for our customers due to a restriction of face-to-face interventions.

Key Customer Feedback

“I just found the whole program to be beneficial. It combined mindfulness as well as physical activity.  Kirsten was excellent….very positive and listened to me and gave great advice in different areas such as exercise, sleep, mindfulness, work  and general well-being.”

– BT Customer

“Khy was extremely respectful of my situation and is a very intelligent person. Always encouraging and knew when to give me the space I need. I will highly recommend Khy for anyone. Thank you for your time and efforts.”

– BT Customer
A Phenomenal Outcome

We are extremely proud of the results obtained thus far;

  • Average client satisfaction rating of 80%
  • The average DASS-21* outcomes from initial assessment to final assessment changed from a Severe to Mild reported emotional state
  • >65% of customers either returned to work in a full-time capacity, were able to commence study, or were able to transition to occupational rehabilitation services to plan for their return to work

We thank both BT for their ongoing collaboration, and ALUCA for their support of the work we have done in the Life Insurance space. Most importantly, we thank them for their recognition of BT Activate, upon which they bestowed the 2022 Customer Service Team Award on their recent Life Insurance Excellence Awards night! 🍾

We look forward to helping more customers, and will strive to achieve further outstanding outcomes through this valuable service.

Hailey Buchhorn and Joanna Gregoriou, BT Life Insurance

*Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale

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