Thinking Outside the Chatterbox for Exercise Right Week

For Exercise Right Week this year, we dared all Australians to take the Chatterbox Challenge!

As passionate advocates of the benefits of exercise for both physical and mental health – and industry leaders in improving mental health outcomes – we’ve always loved supporting Exercise Right Week. So with this year’s theme being ‘Exercise for the Right Reasons’, we decided to really hit the ground running (pun intended) with a campaign of our own. A campaign that encouraged EVERYONE to exercise, discuss their mental health, and have fun in the process by ‘thinking outside the chatterbox’.

The idea driving our Chatterbox Challenge was to shine a light on the important role that exercise plays in both maintaining and improving mental health. Testing participants of all ages to complete different exercises and then link them back to everyday tasks, our intention was to highlight the link between the brain and physical activity…and the many benefits of building exercise into your daily routines.

Happily, our unique spin on the classic childhood game ended up being a hit, and we were so thrilled to see people around the country jumping on board with the challenge! Here are some of the absolute highlights of our campaign.

We were radio stars

At the commencement of Exercise Right Week, our National Clinical Lead Ben Davis was interviewed by Dave from top Tassie breakfast radio station Ultra 106 Five about the Chatterbox Challenge. We were beyond excited to be featured, and Ben did us proud!

We crowned a Chatterbox Champion

As part of the campaign, we held a competition in which we asked participants ‘what movements shown in the chatterbox do you do in everyday life?’ With a Garmin smart watch up for grabs, the winner had to submit a photo and accompanying caption that we deemed to be the most creative. In the end, Adelaide-based Jack took home the prize (with some help from his brother) – we loved his imaginative entry, which involved using the power of exercise and karate to defeat a group of bullies.

“Here is the final training move the brothers learnt together, bonding through exercise and its benefit.”
We enjoyed team building workshops

Over the course of the week, every office nationwide participated in a team-building workshop – getting the chance to play the Chatterbox Challenge themselves, engage in some great PD opportunities, and simply spend time together in a way that many of us haven’t been able to since before the pandemic. Here’s a fun snippet of just some of our clinicians ‘thinking outside the chatterbox’ and having fun at the workshops!

We had a paw-some cameo

Even Kevin the dog got involved, showing once and for all that the Chatterbox Challenge really was – and is – for EVERYONE!

“The Chatterbox Challenge is such a great idea!”

Exercise & Sports Science Australia
So what next?

Exercise Right Week may be over for another year, but we believe this is just the beginning for the Chatterbox Challenge. Why not try it for yourself today?

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