Our New Guidebook on Mental Health & Exercise

Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation is excited to announce the roll-out of the Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation Mental Health & Exercise Guidebook, which will accompany our existing library of educational health information within My Health Portal.

In this free client resource, we explore various themes of mental health and exercise – seeking to enhance knowledge through learning as well as well as providing tangible and practical tips and tricks to assist in sustainable physical activity engagement. Achieving conceptual behavioural change for those experiencing ill-mental health is an important component of physical activity engagement, as it provides a platform to ensure that such engagement is not short-lived but instead, is able to be sustained through the formation of new and healthy habits. This guidebook aims to assist this process through a series of interactive self-reflection and goal setting activities.

The Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation Mental Health & Exercise Guidebook is holistic in nature and provides enhanced understanding of the sometimes complex and multidimensional nature of what happens in our bodies when we exercise – both on a psychological and physical level, and more importantly, how the mind and the body interact to contribute to our overall health.

More specifically, the fundamental purpose of this resource can be summarised as:

  • Providing contemporary, evidence-based health information within the realm of mental health and exercise, particularly around the physical, psychological and social benefits of exercise
  • Assisting in understanding the mind-body connection and how exercise can assist in the holistic management for those experiencing ill-mental health
  • Providing interactive learning opportunities to assist in conceptual behavioural change for physical activity goal setting
  • Providing a resource that helps individuals with poor mental health confidently engage in meaningful physical activity, but in a manner that is sustainable in the long-term

Our purpose is for all individuals to have complete confidence and total control of their healthcare. This resource helps us to achieve our purpose as we passionately assist our clients in enhancing their own self-efficacy through improved health literacy, and encourage autonomy with structured and meaningful exercise in order to access the physical and psychosocial benefits of movement.

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