Celebrating our Work-iversary… in a Pandemic

Last Friday, the national team finally – and virtually – got together to celebrate our long-awaited 21st birthday.

While a few teams across the country were able to gather in person to commemorate this fantastic milestone (namely WA, SA, QLD and NT), it was ultimately a ‘Zoom party’ of epic proportions as our teammates in NSW, VIC and the ACT joined us from their own homes and backyards.

In the days and weeks leading up to the event, the marketing and admin teams were hard at work preparing for the celebrations – posting individual goodie bags stuffed full of treats, balloons in our company colours, noise-makers and confetti to homes across the country; creating a variety of party games (replete with puns, of course); and coordinating catering across more postcodes than you can poke a stick at.

While a virtual event was certainly not what we had hoped or planned for originally, we were proud of the entire team for taking it in their stride and getting into the spirit. From peeking into balloon and streamer-festooned living rooms, to seeing kids and even pets joining in on the party games, it was a joy to see the national cohort have some well-deserved fun.

Also – as Director and Founder John McDonald said himself – “22 is the new 21”! Next year will see a bigger, better and much more IN PERSON celebration (we hope)!

Happy birthday, Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation!

Just a fraction of our amazing team!

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