This week we celebrate General Practitioners

As a leading national allied health provider, we at Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation acknowledge and value the significant role that General Practitioners have in positively impacting individuals’ health. Specialising in the compensable personal injury industry, we often see first-hand this outstanding work when collaborating with General Practitioners to achieve true patient-centred goals and positive health outcomes.

It is clear that 2020 was an unprecedented and extraordinary year for all, but in particular for medical and healthcare providers. The work that many have done in this space is inspiring and a reminder to global society that our healthcare systems are a fundamental pillar of our society, with science and healthcare offering the way forward out of the COVID-19 pandemic. With associated mental health issues on the rise due to this global pandemic, the Family Doctor has remained a central figure in the management of mental illness – an area that exercise rehabilitation also plays a key role in.

We therefore take this opportunity, ahead of World Family Doctor Day on Wednesday the 19th May 2021, to formally thank all family doctors for their work in delivering healthcare for all patients – and especially for their tireless efforts in assisting their community over the last year. Furthermore, we would also like to offer thanks in advance for the upcoming work required to provide a ‘new normal’ on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, with so many in the medical community rolling up their sleeves to assist with the vaccination roll out.

For more information about our services and expertise in the mental illness space, including patient case studies, visit our referrer information page here – and for patient health literature, including info sheets on ‘Using Exercise to Manage Stress’ and ‘Food & Mood’, visit My Health Portal.

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