The Pain Management Guidebook: Our Latest Launch!

Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation recently launched our new Health Information Library, which consists of a series of brief information sheets around various health topics and sits within My Health Portal.

Empowering our clients to transition towards effective self-management of their condition is something that we are extremely passionate about at Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation, and this is at the core of the purpose of the My Health Portal resource. This has been reflected within the current
suite of one-page information sheets that explore various topics of health within the realms of musculoskeletal, cardiometabolic and mental health, as well as various other conditions and wholebeing health.

We have now expanded the content within My Health Portal, and are excited to roll-out the Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation Pain Management Guidebook. We place significant value on the importance of assisting those afflicted with chronic pain to achieve effective self-management, and
this contemporary, evidence-based resource provides the tools and skills to do so in a sustainable manner. This is a 32-page self-paced learning resource that contains a suite of 1-page information sheets that cover educational topics explaining various aspects of pain literacy, understanding and management, aiming to;

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of pain science in a simple, relatable and meaningful manner
  • Assist in the understanding and identification of individualised pain contributors
  • Improve self-efficacy and coping strategies to assist with ongoing pain management journey
  • Shift to an internal locus of control relating to pain, through active strategies
  • Development of a clear plan and solutions for sustainable self-management

While the Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation Pain Management Guidebook will be accessible as a stand-alone resource, it is recommended that it be used collaboratively with an allied health clinician in order to ensure opportunities to discuss, explore and contextualise the key learning principles in a personalised and meaningful manner are maximised. Within these sessions, new learnings can be reinforced through exercise and physical activity engagement – serving the fundamental purpose of
enhancing the quality of life for those individuals afflicted with chronic pain.

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