Our Way of Saying Thanks this Festive Season

To say 2020 has been a challenging year would be an understatement. It’s a year that has given new meaning to the term ‘extraordinary’. In light of the unprecedented events that 2020 brought with it, Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation decided to eschew the usual gifts and celebratory events that would mark our holiday season, and instead donate the funds that we would have used to a worthy charitable cause.

In recent years, we have been proud to become industry-leaders in delivering rehabilitative exercise programs for those experiencing mental illness. Much of this work has been with those in our society who give the most – Emergency Service personnel – and so, we felt it only fitting to provide our donation to Behind the Seen. Founded by Ross and Veronique in 2013 and designed for the whole 000 emergency response network in Australia, Behind the Seen has a vision to achieve a world where emergency services personnel and their families have culturally relevant, coordinated, evidence based and accessible mental health support systems that are informed by lived experience.

Behind the Seen aims to be the voice of the first responder, and Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation is humbled to offer our support in any way possible.

How does it work?

Our donation page has a twinkling Christmas tree that keen eyes will notice grows brighter by the day; this is because for every $300 we donate, a new bauble will be added to the tree! Our ultimate aim is to donate $7500 to Behind the Seen, and we will update our LinkedIn page towards the end of December with confirmation of the final figure.

How can I donate?

Simply follow this link to go directly to Behind the Seen’s own donation page – from there, you can choose to give a one-off or ongoing donation!

We wish to thank our valued clients, customers and partners for their continued support and collaboration. They played a profound role in our ability to assist over 3500 individuals across Australia in this, the year that was.

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