Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation Launch Silicosis Project

Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation are offering an innovative respiratory rehabilitation and wellbeing service for individuals with a diagnosis of Silicosis under a Workers’ Compensation Claim.

Silicosis is an occupational dust-related disease which causes irreversible scarring (fibrosis) to the lungs. The degree of Silicosis can vary in severity – so much so that some individuals may not be aware of their diagnosis. Silicosis causes a manifestation of symptoms that impact on an individual’s lung function, exercise/ activity tolerance, quality of life and overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

Emotional Health: Having a diagnosis such as Silicosis can negatively impact your respiratory health, your quality of life, and have a large influence on your emotional wellbeing. Some studies have shown that there is a higher prevalence of experiencing depression or anxiety symptoms in those with Silicosis. However, it is well established that routine exercise can significantly benefit mental illness management, improving psychological wellbeing through positive neurochemical changes.

Fatigue & Activities of Daily Living (ADL): A commonly reported symptom of Silicosis is high fatigue levels, which is a contributing factor to reduced ability to perform ADL. Several studies relating to other Respiratory conditions have demonstrated that those who participate in routine exercise have improved fatigue management and increased ability to perform more daily tasks. Pacing is a concept that will be discussed at length during your program; it is an evidence-based approach to gradually increase activity levels in a controlled manner and is designed to prevent ‘boom and bust’ patterns of activity.

This service is in place to assist individuals in developing a realistic plan tailored to their needs, with the goal of addressing functional, intellectual, and lifestyle factors to improve overall wellness and whole being. This will be done through effective and customised exercise and educational interventions aimed at optimising respiratory well-being and achieving sustainable and effective self-management. The program includes:

  • An Initial Assessment to discuss what an exercise program will look like, in addition to setting achievable, personal and meaningful goals to work towards; 
  • Provision of an exercise Starter Kit as well as education resources for ‘Exercising with Silicosis’;
  • Clients are provided with up to sixteen (16) supervised reviews with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist in their local area;
  • The Accredited Exercise Physiologist will also continue to guide you through personalised educational Information surrounding the benefits of exercise for silicosis, respiratory health but also general whole-being;
  • Following the completion of the supervised sessions, a re-assessment will be completed in addition to review overall wellbeing, to reflect upon your progress within the program – and provide further, long-term guidance.

Further information relating to exercising with Silicosis can be found here.

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